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About Social Technology


What is Social Technology?

Social technology is an applied field concerned with social tools and techniques for effecting value-oriented human-environment interactions focusing on social organizations and institutions as a strategy for achieving self-propelling communities and sustainable development.

BS Human Ecology Major in Social Technology

The BS Human Ecology major in Social Technology (ST) is for those who have the passion and purpose to catalyze social change and sustainable development. ST is for those willing to break new grounds and promote positive transformations in society. If you are people-oriented and value service, the ST community is for you.

Career Opportunities



① Instructor / Professor
② Researcher
③ Extension Specialist
④ Training Module Developer


Non-Government Organizations

① Social Development Specialist
② Community Organizer
③ Project Officer
④ Organizational Development (OD) Specialist
⑤ Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Specialist
⑥ International Development Specialist


Government Agencies

➀ Policy Analyst
➁ Program Officer
➂ Administrative Officer
➃ Social Development Officer
➄ Training Officer
➅ Community Relations Officer
➆ Development Officer
➇ Social Researcher


Private Organizations

➀ Training Officer / Specialist
➁ Human Resource Officer
➂ Employee Resources Officer
➃ Community Relations Manager
➄ Project Manager / Officer
➅ Social Entrepreneur


Research and Extension Thrusts

The Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) is the umbrella program of DSDS’s Research and Extension Projects. It aims to conduct projects / activities that are instrumental in the development and empowerment of social organizations and institutions in the country through the following research thrusts:

Social Technologies for Institution Building (STIB)

• Community Profiling & Needs Assessment (CNA)
• Community Organizing (CO)
• Training Design & Management / Capacity Building
• Formulation of Social Development & Management Plan
• Organizational Development & Management

Consumer Protection & Stakeholders Satisfaction (CPSS)

• Consumer-Protection & Education
• Stakeholder / Customer Satisfaction Studies

Climate Change & Disaster Risk Management (CDRM)

• Community-based DRRM
• Participatory Capacity and Vulnerability Assessment
• Assessment of Various Resettlement Modalities
• Social Health

Sustainable Livelihood & Enterprise Development (SLED)

• Social Enterprises
• Sustainability Studies

Social Impact Assessment (SIA) &
Social Technologies Technical Assistance & Mentorship Program (STAMP)